The best performing driver fourteen has ever developed, pushes the limit on distance.


The DT-112 driver with a classic head shape and revolutionary LD433+ titanium face, this driver provides exceptional distance and forgiveness while delivering a penetrating controlled ball flight that any golfer can trust.

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Featuring a newly-developed classic looking head shape, the DT-112 pushes distance performance to the max, without sacrificing forgiveness.

The DT-112 features a proprietary LD433+ titanium face. This material has never before been used in a golf club, and allows us to push the limits in driver face technology. This newly-developed driver head offers even better energy transfer efficiency at impact then ever before. The LD433+ titanium face offers high resiliency, boosting initial ball speed like never before, and maximizing forgiveness.

Optimized sweet spot design combines maximum performance with forgiveness
LD433+ offers extreme strength. This allows us to adjust the thickness of the face in optimal locations. This is what gives DT-112 its blazing fast ball speeds not only in the center of the face but also it’s perimeter. This variation in face thickness allows us to create a driver that feels incredibly solid but still provides exceptional forgiveness and speed.

The head shape features a high-back design with the crown of the club placed slightly higher than the sole. This high crown coupled with an ultra-deep face, creates a driver with a slightly higher center of gravity relocating a majority of it’s mass right behind the center of the face. This results in a penetrating ball flight with low spin.

The MD-350ZD graphite shaft is designed in-house. It’s ultra thin wall construction allows us to lengthen the stock driver length to 47.00” with ease. Leading to MAXIMUM club head speed and MAXIMUM distance. The new DT-112 driver with MD-350ZD shaft is the best performing driver combination Fourteen Golf has ever produced.


LD433+ Titanium Body: 811 Titanium (precision cast)

Shaft Options:

MD-350ZD Graphite Shaft (S: 55g; SR: 50g; R: 45g)


Loft 10.5°
Lie 59.5°

MD-350ZD Graphite Shaft

Club Length  47"
S 301g (D7)
SR 296g (D6.5)
R - - 291g (D6)