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FOURTEEN GOLF Immediate Release - 20 March, 2017

IRVINE, Calif. (February 20, 2017) – Premier club designer and manufacturer Fourteen Golf today officially introduced its new RM-22J wedges and the new H030 hollow-body wedges.

The RM-22J wedges are an offshoot of the company’s popular RM-22 tour wedges aimed at golfers of all abilities while the H030 wedges are hollow-body wedges designed for extreme forgiveness.

The new RM-22J wedges have the same outstanding spin performance as the RM-22 tour wedges but also feature a new offset hosel that aids alignment and provides maximum forgiveness to produce high-quality shots from any lie.

With their revolutionary hollow-body club heads, the H030 wedges slide effortlessly through all varieties of turf, company officials said.

"Fourteen Golf‘s wedges are well-known among golfers for their innovation, design and performance,” said Masashi Kamoda, chief operating officer of Fourteen Golf. “With the introduction of the RM-22J wedges and the H030 wedges, Fourteen Golf is bringing tour-quality wedge performance to golfers of all levels.

“All golfers want to play their best - even if they don’t play on tour,” Kamoda said.

The RM-22J wedges feature Fourteen Golf’s innovative reverse muscle back technology, which gives the company’s wedges the highest spin rate of any wedges on the market. Invented by the Fourteen Golf design team, reverse muscle back technology distributes weight and raises the center of gravity on the clubface by making the upper blade portion slightly thicker. This creates more spin and provides greater head stability in thick lies as well as better accuracy in approach shots.

The RM-22J wedges come in lofts of 46, 52 and 58 degrees. The head is made of forged nickel. Standard steel shaft choice is the Nippon Shaft N.S. PRO 950GH HT (98 grams). MSRP for the RM-22J wedge is $200. The wedges are available at golf retailers, custom club makers, and online at

The H030 Wedge comes in lofts of 38, 50, and 56 degrees. Its hollow structure is made of forged nickel chrome and the stock shaft is the Nippon Shaft N.S. PRO 950GH HT steel (98 grams). MSRP is $280.

A premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality golf clubs, Fourteen Golf designs and manufactures drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. Fourteen Golf has been part of 70 professional victories since 2010.

Fourteen Golf customers may order custom clubs online at