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DT-112 Driver-Shaft Combo Provides Max Distance and Accuracy

FOURTEEN GOLF Immediate Release - 20 February, 2017

IRVINE, Calif. (February 20, 2017) – Premier club designer and manufacturer Fourteen Golf today officially launched its new DT-112 driver, a club whose innovative head-shaft combination promises to maximize distance without sacrificing accuracy off the tee.

The DT-112 driver features the new LD433+ titanium face along with the ultra-thin 47-inch MD350ZD graphite shaft, said Masashi Kamoda, chief operating officer of Fourteen Golf. Together these two high-tech elements maximize clubhead speed, optimize sweet spot size, and produce penetrating ball flight with low spin not only on center-of-the-clubface strikes but also perimeter hits.

"Fourteen Golf is very excited to introduce the new DT-112 driver," said Masashi Kamoda, chief operating officer of Fourteen Golf. “We believe discerning golfers will experience the high quality of the DT-112 driver both at impact and with the results they experience throughout their rounds. This is a driver we believe will provide more enjoyment to golfers of all levels."

The DT-112 driver was designed by Fourteen Golf head designer Q Matsuyoshi.

Normally used in the engines of uber-premium race cars, this is the first time the LD433+ titanium has been used in a golf club, according to company officials. The incredible strength of the titanium enabled club designers to adjust the thickness of the clubface in optimal locations thereby providing solid feel and high ball speeds across the face.

The shape of the club head has been designed with the crown of the club placed slightly higher than the sole, officials said. The high crown and the ultra-deep face produce penetrating ball flight with low spin.

Meanwhile, the MD350ZD graphite shaft was created in-house by Matsuyoshi. The 47-inch stock driver shaft features an ultra-thin wall construction that helps boost clubhead speed, making the DT-112 Fourteen Golf’s best-ever head-shaft combination. The 47-inch shaft is one of the longest on the market, officials said.

"Fourteen Golf is known for its innovative design and outstanding performance," Kamoda said. “With the introduction of the DT-112 driver, we are proud to carry on our tradition of providing golfers with the cutting edge technology and design they desire to play their best."

A premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality golf clubs, Fourteen Golf has been part of 70 professional victories since 2010.

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