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Frequently asked questions, tips and tricks.

Drivers : What is the hosel diameter on your driver heads?

Our retail driver heads have .335 hosel diameters.

Drivers : What is the SLE rule? Do Fourteen drivers conform with that rule?

SLE stands for Spring Like Effect, and the rule determines the maximum allowable COR (coefficient of restitution) of the spring effect for drivers. The SLE rule is in effect for any events employing USGA rules.

Yes. All Fourteen drivers conform with the SLE rule.

Drivers : What is the volume of your driver heads?

All of our GelongD Driver heads are 440cc. Please contact our US headquarters at for any questions regarding older models.

Fairway Woods : What shaft comes stock in your fairway wood?

We are currently selling our fairway woods as head only pieces through our Custom Shop affiliates. Please contact our US headquarters at for help finding a retailer near you.

Hybrids : Why is the center of gravity so important for hybrids?

Hybrid clubs can be challenging to play given the lie of the ball and the slope of the landscape. A deeper center of gravity (CG) yields tremendous stability through the swing and offers greater spin control which makes tricky shots less tricky.

Irons : How do I choose between a steel shaft and graphite shaft?

First, it is probably best to ask yourself whether or not you would want a new set that is similar to your current set. For example, if you tend to top the ball, your clubs may be too light. If you're currently using a graphite shaft, then we would recommend you switching to a lightweight steel shaft instead. On the other hand, if you feel like your clubs are a bit heavy, we would recommend getting a slightly lighter set. For example, if you're using a Dynamic Gold shaft, then you should try hitting with a light weight steel shaft, or if you're using a light weight steel shaft, we recommend trying a graphite shaft instead.

Not that suddenly switching to a much heavier set can result in a loss of rhythm and easily throw off your game. We advise golfers to visit their local Fourteen dealers to get fitted for maximum results.

Irons : May I request having a different type of finish on my irons?

We do not currently offer custom finishes on our irons.

Irons : May I request having custom engravings and changing the color of the logo?

We do not currently offer custom engravings or logo alterations for any of our irons.

Irons : What is the difference between the old FH-1000 and the new FH-1000?

The new FH-1000 has not been re-designed, that is why the name has not changed. The new FH-1000 simply has an electroless nickel chrome plating with a pearl satin finish, and new branding. We didn't feel it was necessary to change the timeless design, but updating the look and feel is something we felt was important.

Wedges : What should I look for when selecting new wedges?

Like with many clubs, there is not a definite guideline for selecting wedges. Wedges should be chosen based upon each individual golfer's swing and approach. We recommend visiting your local Fourteen dealer to view our entire selection so you can choose the club that's right for you.

Wedges : How do Fourteen wedges achieve such a considerable amount of spin?

We deeply mill the face and complete the grooves one by one, allowing even amateur players to professionally put backspin on the ball.

Other : How do I measure the length of a Fourteen club?

The standard is to measure the club from the heel end of the club head sole to the end of the grip. For putters, measure from the end of the grip to the putter sole from the center shaft.

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